Sunday, November 8, 2009


Over the 2 weeks leading up to All Hallows Eve, Bequi and I decided to go with a Halloween Monster theme to the creative exercise in the Manga/super-hero Art Class we teach. The Creative Exercise is simply a 20-30 minute warm up drawing we have the students work on in the beginning of class to help get their creative juices flowing. Most days we write an idea up on the Dry-erase board and the kids will create their drawings based on those parameters (EX: Draw a character that has the power to control noodles). At the end of the 20-30 minutes we have any student who is willing and brave bring their drawing to the front and we have a brief comment and critique session to hopefully, help and inspire the students. The above drawing is mine from the first session. I really wanted to draw a big ol' droopy blob assaulting a child for his Halloween loot.

This next one is from the second week. I wanted the students to draw the scariest monster they could think of. I drew Edward Cullen from that stupid TWILIGHT series (I saw the RiffTrax version-So funny). To me this is truly scary that Twilight is so popular....Vampires that are supposed to be vile, bloodsucking, monsters, turned into pale, lip-wristed, metrosexuals who sparkle in the sun and drink deer blood somewhere in Seattle. LAME!!! It's worse than when George Lucas made Darth Vader into a whiney, pansey, crying for his dead girlfriend at the end of Star Wars: Episode 3. Anyway, Here's Edward, in his big-haired, sparkley goodness, ready to play ball while Count Dracula and Nosveratu look on in disgust.

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