Wednesday, September 23, 2015

2015 FALLCON IS COMING! Buy my comics and stuff!

October 10th is Fallcon.  Though this summer's been crazy with buying and selling of houses, moving and painting and all, I will still be there.  Even though I don't have anything new to offer as I haven't really sat down and drawn anything in over 4 months and, with nothing new to offer anyone, a one-day show is almost pointless for me to be a part of, I will still be there....If for no other reason than it's a great excuse to hang out with my friends and colleagues and maybe get my creative battery jump-started and recharged as I could very well really really need to rely on it in the near future.  

I tell ya....moving takes a lot out of a guy when he's a homebody, shut-in, introvert, type.   

Click on the link below for all the details!