Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Well...more like SLUSH DAY! It's been raining, freezing, snowing and then raining s'more so it's just plain messy out. Being that much of my day job involves driving to far away theatre locations, my boss texted me to stay home today so that's what I'm doing. I figured I'd take this opportunity to post something on my Art Blog since I've kinda made a resolution to do that more in hopes of motivating me. So here's some recent CREATIVE EXERCISE sketches from this last winter session of our Super-Hero and Manga drawing class we teach at the Art Academy.

The first and last sketch of the sessions are always free draw. We give the kids an opportunity to let their creativity shine here. They often make lazy excuses and choose not to shine but you can't say we don't give them a shot at it. Anyway...Becky and I try to show them what they have the potential to do with our sketches. Being immersed in my TMNT obsession...I decided to do one of Michaelangelo dropping onto the scene.

This exercise was to draw an evil alien of some kind. I sorta drew a rough frame that resembled the Alien from the Sigourney Weaver films and kept noodling with it until I got this...this....Thing.

For this exercise the directions were to draw a super-hero with one of three super-powers.
Flight, Super-Strength, or Super-Speed. I chose to draw a super-speedster and decided to give her a high-tech baton thing...kinda like a marathon runner.

This is my CROWN JEWEL so far. Last night I was overwhelemed with great inspiration as I saw the Creative Exercise directions Becky put on the whiteboard. Because we were all anticipating this winter storm the directions were....."Draw a female character with ICE POWERS." Immediately I saw the Tiger-Beat poster of VANILLA ICE that we have in our downstairs bathroom in my mind and couldn't hide the mischievious grins and chuckles as I drew this masterpiece. Ice Powers....How about VANILLA ICE POWERS?! BAM!!!!! I just blew your mind didn't I?!
Anyway...the kids that knew who Vanilla was got a good laugh out of it so my mission was a success. Becky still thinks I'm a huge dork though.