Saturday, April 6, 2013

Oh Crap! It's 2013! Have I even been drawing anything lately?

The answer is ACTUALLY YES!  Just haven't found the time or energy to post anything on this here Art Blog.  Something I claimed I would remedy last year....but you know how that stuff goes.  So now it's April and since the local MCBA Springcon is next month I figured I better at least try to seem somewhat relevant in the world of comic art.  Ya know....gotta keep my throngs of fans satiatied.  All 4 of them.

So aside from a graphic novel project I've been pouring all my free time and soul into, I have done a few doodles and scrawlings here and there....mostly for our art class but here are some fun ones. 

This one had a name but I can't remember for the life of me what it was.  We put a strange word on the board and had the kids come up with their own interpretation of what that could possibly be.  Mine was this dude and his flying toilet paper rolls.

When my frustrated pal casually mentioned me drawing a picture of him punching a bratty baby, my twisted, childless mind came up with this.  Admit it...if you parental types are being honest, when your kids are bratting it up to 11 and beyond, there are times you fantasize about moments like this.

I dig this chick so much I'm gonna haveta make her into a character for one of my comic book/graphic novel ideas.   Just some sort of futuristic/space mechanic.  I really just created her around the thumbnail of this pose.

Just before heading to class on this day, I played hooky from work and watched an L.A. Marzulli documentary DVD called Watchers 5.  In it they discussed all sorts of supernatural and paranormal being the phenomenon of The Black Eyed Children.  It was still fresh on my mind when we got to class so I presented this depiction to the class.....and hopefully to their nightmares!  If you think that's too mean of me...I will refer you to the baby punching picture above.