Sunday, September 18, 2011

Because I'm feeling bad about it....

Here...since I've been a chump in regards to posting art this year, I'm gonna go ahead a post some old archived stuff I have floating around my computer from various projects and doodles.

I had a couple year stint as a sketch card artist for Inkworks (Now no longer in business! DOH!) and this is just a sample of some the cards I did for the animated Hellboy:Sword of Storms set. Still one of my favorites sets I had the pleasure of working on mainly because of the kick-ass character designs....and it was Hellboy!

The above is from a set i did for Alien vs Predator: Requiem. It was insane having to draw 400+ sketch cards of these highly detailed monsters in just 3 weeks while having to also put in a full week at the day job. Yikes! I barely sqeaked this dealine out! To try to save time I tried to "Bruce Timm" the characters a little bit....Make them more manageable to draw.
This pic above is the cover from a mini-comic I made which was a clever vehicle to propose to Becky with. By the totally worked.

The local MNCBA fall and spring cons are always a good excuse to flex my art muscles for charity as they have charity art auctions every year....and every year, I generally like to submit something in hopes of bringing in big bucks for either the CBLDF (Comic Book Legal Defense Fund) or the Lupus Foundation. Both great causes. Jumping on the Invader Zim bandwagon that all the cool Hot Topic kids were riding, I decided to do the above piece in hoping those disfunctional, gothy, teens would squeal with glee and merriment and empty their savings accounts on it. Sadly, the sun was probably out that day so the goth kids and their monies never left their homes to see this thing which I created for them. It didn't sell for very much...*sigh* (sorry for the blurry photo...I didn't have time for a proper photocopy)

This piece was a cover for Dead Dog Comics' From Heaven To Hell series. It features the book's two female "hosts" duking it out in Supermanesque attire. Sadly.....Dead Dog is no more as well but I did do quite a bit of work for them while they were up and running....sadly, most of it will never see print though. Again...*sigh*

I'm not dead....honest. 2

Yeah yeah yeah......I've been lax in my Art-Blogging duties. What can I say....Lack of motivation, being extremely's all gonna sound like excuses. I'm not sure when I'll have more artwork posted but I want it to be soon so I'm gonna tell you it'll be soon. SOON! In the meantime....Go to this convention . I'm gonna be there and I hope to have some sort of mini-sketchbook available there for you to hand me money in exchange for. We'll see....It's just shy of a month away so alot can or can't happen before then!