Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Then and Now: Far-Cry Comics

Back in 1991, Pat Gleason, Eric Farrington and myself started FAR-CRY COMICS. They were 14 years old and I was 15. Inspired by Batman, TMNT, GI JOE, Spider-man, and the Punisher, we cranked out comics for the simple joy of entertaining ourselves and a few of our friends and classmates. Issue after issue, the 3 of us cranked out the comics and built our skills as artists along the way. This also pushed Pat and me to actually pursue a career in comics. Pat and I continued to draw our comics well into college and we even resurrected them in the early 2000's when we produced some new issues in a mini-comic/zine format and sold them at comic book conventions and even a few punk shows around the Twin Cities. The above drawing is from 1992 and drawn by doubt during one of my classes. It was our usual suspects group shot of characters from our various titles. The following is one I did earlier this fall that started as a doodle of one of Pat's characters and them exploded into an action "all attack" group shot featuring a current roster of usual suspects. Alot can change in 17 years but some of the faces are still the same....just upgraded

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Lester DiLorenzo said...

This is so awesome.. It's great seeing your work here, and I love the comparison and the thought and concept behind it all.. you better keep this blog up-to-date..