Monday, March 14, 2016

Been awhile.....How about some old artwork?

So....It's been a long long time since last I posted on this Art Blog.  There's real excuses as to why....but for as many legit one's there's an equal number of ones involving instead of apologizing or trying to plead some case...Why not just post some old archive pieces of art I've done over the last 17 years or so.

First off is a page I drew back in 1999.  I drew this while sitting in on a girlfriend's college classes when I was up visiting her for a weekend.  It was intended to be part of a mini-comic/zine I was planning on putting together but never really took off.  About a year later I ended up doing my first issue of THE VOID mini comic. I decided to NOT include this.

Not really sure when this one happened of for what reason...but local psuedo-celebrity behind 2nd Wind Exercise Equipment, Mr. Dick Enrico, needed to be sketched apparently.
During my 9 years teaching at the Art Academy in St. Paul, I ended up drawing hundreds of Creative Exercise/warm-up drawings.  This Seal-man assaulting some Scuba Frog-men is a crucial piece from those years.

Back in 2003 I was throwing around the idea of doing a comic book starring a 1985 version of me in a series of adventures up in Alaska with my Uncle.  Ultimately it just never happened.....but perhaps someday.

I'm kinda bummed by this next piece.  It was a year where we seemed to be hammered by snow a lot and everyone was sick of it.  So for that week's Creative Exercise in class, we had the kids do a snow-themed piece.  I loved how it turned out....Unfortunately it somehow came out of my folder and managed to float aimlessly in the bottom of my backpack for months....getting dirty and wrinkled. 

Last but not least I give you Rubbish Lord from 2013.  For the Creative Exercise that week, we had to create a super-hero and choose from a list of powers for them.  This guy commands the power of garbage.  

So that's it.  Hope you rad folks dug this little showcase of some of my random pieces of art over the last 17 years.