Sunday, February 5, 2017

2017: Facebook turned into a festering cesspool of sewage and that has me feeling a bit....GRAY

It's now 2017....and like every year I always post shock and dismay on how negligent I am of my so-called Art Blog.  Why should this year be any different.  Only this year it just might.  In 2016, feeling that this Art Blog of mine was just a futile waste of time and effort because nobody really payed attention, cared, or even noticed it, I decided to create a Skribble Theory Facebook page to hopefully broaden my "exposure" ( I hate that term) and get more of my work out to anyone who might actually give a damn. So I guess I was, in a sense, abandoning this Blogger page for, what was supposed to be, the new hotness. really seems as though it hasn't been much of anything but a transferring of my time and effort wasting abilities.  

On top of all this was a ridiculously brutal and insane presidential election season. Seemed anything I tried to promote art-wise was instantly submerged in a sewage pit of propaganda, vitriol, agendas, hate, fear mongering and idiots with opinions masquerading as experts, patriots, revolutionaries, and town criers.  Then....THE ELECTION ACTUALLY HAPPEND and it seemed my Facebook newsfeed exploded into Butt-hurt people began melting down and tuning feral on each other.  What was a regularly toxic environment doubled down on it's doubling down.  It quickly became depressing and scary.  It seems like it was getting a little better the closer to Christmas we got.....but then.....THE INAUGURATION.  I've never seen anything quite like it.  I had to abandon my only real social media outlet because I just couldn't watch humanity descend into madness anymore.  

So Because of all that BS, I have decided to come back to this Art Blog and post my art here without the communal social media diarrhea deluge stinking up the joint.  

In December I picked up a small gray-paper sketchbook because I actually filled up my previous small sketchbook.  With the grays I thought it would be kinda cool to experiment with using some Jelly-Roll pens to add some color flare. I actually used the New Year to break this sucker in so while staying up late and watching a Knight Rider marathon on The El Rey Network, I drew up the following little pieces.

My Characters from two of my comic series.  The Void and Jane

Next we have another one of my comic characters, Shanna and a GI JOE character Snake-Eyes.

Not really sure why I drew this other than it was in my head and needed to come out. Mighty Mouse on steroids maybe?

Then...just before calling it a night, I decided to exploit the new gray paper and create a stupid little comic strip gag.  Mostly only artists will probably get this one but it had me chuckling and that's really all I care about anymore anyway. 

Next up are just the next several sketches that I've added to the book over the weeks following New Years.

Wolverine and Psylocke....Trying to prove to myself that I can actually draw some of those mainstream-type characters too.

With the above girl, I was really just experimenting with some new Jelly-Rolls I had picked up.  

The above is my character Jane again.  I've been working out a story for her comic and have had it on the brain for a couple weeks....I created a 3rd soundtrack playlist on my iPod for her comic and this was the first drawing to come out during a first listen. Music is essential to my creative process.  

Finally....we come to a really old character of mine that I came up with in the 7th grade.  James Crow started out as a James Bond parody in little radio skits that I made using some stuffed animals as the muses.  In high school and college I actually had converted him into a full-blown comic character with his own title.  His full origins is referenced in an older Blog entry here on the old Skribble Theory if you're interested.  Anyway...I started some weird hatching effect that I quickly gave up on because.....well....BECAUSE!  

Well anyway....I dunno if I'll keep a regular presence here or not.  For now I'm staying off of Facebook at least until May.  I take self-imposed social-media sabbaticals every so often when needed and this time it has been very much needed.  Whether I stick around for long after I return in May is left to be seen.  It depends on how much bullshit and bullshit people I feel like putting up with at that time.  So, who knows....this may be all the internet "exposure" I will have left.  

Lucky you right?