Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fashionably Late.....HAPPY 2012!!

That's right....2012 is officially here....and my motivation to not. Okay...It's sporatic at best but I've been kinda suffering from a case of "Artist's Block" lately. On New Years eve, I tried to nip it in the bud by having a "Drink and Draw" New Years with my wife Becky. It was good and I managed to get a couple passable scribbles out while I consumed alchoholic beverages and sat in the living room chair. Scribbles like the above Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles piece. I've been obsessing over the green teens alot lately. So much that I think I'm channeling my 13-15 year old self. Once I drag myself out of this funk, I'm seriously considering doing some TMNT art submission pages. Drawing TMNT would be my dream job just under drawing my own titles for a living. So...uh...Mirage Group...IDW...Nickelodeon Studios...Kevin Eastman or Peter Laird...Or whoever is doing the Turtles....If I'm going to sell out...It'll be for you guys.

The next one is of a random fat guy with hot bikini girls. No real reason for this one other than I enjoy drawing fat dudes once in a while.

And Finally...since it's an election year and all the candidates have been tearing into each other like fighting pitbulls, I figure I would submit a poster for a dream candidate. One that can bring America and American Values back and restore our great nation to one of strength, integrity and wisdom. A no-nonsense man who's a straight shooter and demands respect just by breathing. A man that ain't afraid of nothin...Not even "the Beetus". So eat your Quaker Oats and get yourself checked for diabeetus people....Because Brimly's gonna bring back real "Hope and Change."

Ta ta for now.