Friday, August 6, 2010

Resurrecting the past. pt. 1

While on vacation back home up here in Alaska, I've had time to rummage through my mom's garage and sift through all the stuff I left behind when I moved out of state 12 years ago. I gotta say...I've found some real gems and can't believe I was stupid enough to leave these artifacts behind. The stuff spans my personal art history from grade school through college. IT has been a real treat reliving all the memories and I find myself laughing out loud at the littlest doodles. Needless to say I will be sending a box of these goodies home.
Here's just a few samples of what I've unearthed.

Here's one of the first renditions of my long-standing character, Mohawk Man. This was drawn in 1986 when I was a mere 4th grader. Apparently my original intent was to have a gang of Mohawk men complete with Mr. T look-alikes. I'm still not sure what Loober is....but it is awesom....minus the e.

This was one from 7th grade. Not sure why or what is going on. Some dude just punching another for some reason. I'm going to assume it's a good one...but, HEY, how about that punch?!

This was a Void cover that got scrapped for something cooler...or not. I have the one I went with back home in MN so I'll have to update later on whether it was better than this or not.

Well whadda ya know....I found an old James Crow and Rex drawing from 1989. I'm really liking Rex's look in this one.
And Speaking of James Crow....

Here's a scrapped cover for one of my James Crow 0017 issues. I think my problem with this one was the varying scale sizes of all the background characters. It just doesn't make sense here. Not sure what this issue number this was supposed to be but I'm sure the one I went with was better than this. Maybe not much but enough.
I got lots of great stuff still to sift through, so I'll try to post again very soon with more ancient treasures.

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