Saturday, August 7, 2010

Resurrecting the Past. Pt. 3

More Unearthed goodness from the stack of Art-i-facts.

Apparently, I had some deep seeded anger issues bubbling under the surface in high school as depicted in the above picture of my character THE VOID spattered with blood. There was most likely a girl and rejection involved as was usually the reasons for me being all mopey and broody. Gads...I was kinda goth back then. I certainly wore the black trenchcoat every day.

Throughout school up through college, I would doodle random nonsense all over my notes and homework. Here's a few lovely examples.

Note: the M&M weilding tha axe. There were quite a few violent depictions of those guys in my notes. Usually, they were ranting some wild nonsense.

Not quite sure what is going on here....Rah Rah Poopie? Hmmmm. I do know the "Curse you Dogman" was a quote from Ranma 1/ at least that makes some sense to me.

This one had me rolling. The X-men and Apocalypse having a dialogue about olives seems really funny to me. Maybe only me but oh well.
Like my school notes, I would also draw all over church bulletins. Not eactly what I should've been doing in the House of God but I swear, I was listening the whole time. Honest. Below is just one example of my character THE VOID and Pat Gleason's character LINT, endorsing Lazy Mountain Bible Church. Oh...and some randon dude too.

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