Saturday, July 31, 2010

Counting down to Wizardworld Chicago...But AK vacation first!

As I type this Bequi is upstairs lettering the all new GREAT BIG PISSED OFF BEAR #3. She has been up all night and is still singing energetically away to the K-pop music she spent half the night downloading....the other half (since 2am) has been dedicated to lettering. So if all goes well this book should be done today. Then we can go up to Alaska and actually enjoy our vacation rather than worry about getting our book ready for Wizardworld Chicago 2010 August 19-22. At any rate....If you're in the Chicago area for the convention, look for Planet Doom Studios in Artist's and come pick up GREAT BIG PISSED OFF BEAR #3...and #'s 1 and 2 if you don't have 'em...and any of our other awesome books you may not have yet.

In the Con spirit, I'm posting some various sketches done at the Wizardworld Chicago Comicon show in years past as well as one or two from the local Fallcon. I apologize...some of these are kinda blurry. I was using the old digital camera and it was hard to adjust to the weird show lighting as well as get an accurate focus reading on the crappy little screen. But maybe that's a good can hide all kinds of mistakes.

At shows Becky and I often get asked to collaborate on sketches and 2008 was a big year of that. So the above is an X-files rendition of our Peep and Peep Lite characters. "The Peep is out there Skully."

Zangetsu. This one, I'm kind of proud of in the sheer fact that the only reference material I had was a teeny-tiny image of the character in the background of a panel in one of Becky's mangas. A bit of advice to folks looking to have commissioned sketches done at conventions. If you have a specific character in mind, PLEASE bring reference material. We artists don't have internet plugged directly into our heads nor to we have an infinite library of reference material on things and characters you're passionate about. If WE have to go search out our own reference material for YOUR sketch....We may decide to charge more.

Okay.....*sigh* now after all that I come to The Baroness. Now this one, the customer didn't bring reference for BUT...I am a huge GI JOE fan so I kinda knew what this character looked like anyway. Rare exception...Still bring reference!

Lastly , heres a sketch of 2 of my Baby Ninjas in a fighting stance. I really dig how this one turned out. It's probably the combo of the Sword guy and Bow and Arrow guy that make it for me. I still have a hard time believing I've been drawing the BABY NINJAS for 21 years! I WAS 13 when I first drew these little guys!!

Again...If you find yourself at the Wizardworld Chicago Comicon on August 19-22, look us up at Planet Doom Studios in artist's alley. Buy some some sketches....just stop by and say "HI"..Whatever....Just come by and see us.

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