Monday, February 21, 2011

YEESH!! Where've I been?!!

Well....Time just got away from me. It seems like even if I had a time machine, I'd still always be playing catchup. With the holidays, both Bequi and My birthdays, and various other goings on and obligations, I just never seemed to have the time or energy to work on this art blog. But I'm here now so here are a few random items from my stacks.

Pretty self explanatory. Lego people vs. Little People. I did this one for a warm-up for class but I stole the idea from myself on a T-shirt design I did for my cousin's military unit in Iraq called The Ocho. I think I put the sketches for that on an earlier blog.

A Cyborg bear. It was a class warm-up on drawing cyborgs and this is what came to me.

A boy and his pet....bug....thing.

And lastly....Chibi Wolverine and Deadpool. Note Deadpool's captions giving greetings.

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Hashim Peracha said...

Would you be able to make album art with the cyborg bear scetch?