Monday, March 15, 2010

More fun with Creative Exercises.

Wow....two entries in one day. Aren't you lucky. Anyway, heres more of the warm-ups that we do with the kids in the art class I help teach. The one up top is of a kid amped-up on energy drinks. I kinda dig that one cuz he looks like a fugitive from a Ren and Stimpy cartoon.

Next up is my Space Snowman character facing off against some Eskimo in the Arctic.

The theme for this one had something to do with an Octopus so I made the Hip-Hoptopus vs. Tourettes the Penguin from my Great Big Pissed Off Bear Comic strips. One of my faves.

This theme called for a character that had the power to control earth or dirt. I decided to go a completely different route on this one and drew a kid playing in his sandbox. I was trying to be all deep and smart and stuff. At any rate...Note: What's the cat burying in there in the background?

Lastly is a more recent one where the theme was to draw a character with the power of grossness. So...Snot and Boogers seemed to be the right way to go on this one. I especially like how the Booger Beasties came out in this one. They remind me of Evan Dorkin's Milk and Cheese.

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