Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The above sketch took about 10 total minutes as I was waiting for Becky to finish using the computer so I could check my e-mail. I've been plotting for PEEP #2 for some time now but I didn't have the time to completely dedicate myself to it with all the freelance work the last few years. But after finishing my latest Lerner project, I find myself with a small window to possibly work on personal projects before the next freelance gig is ready for me. So I'm in the process of working on GREAT BIG PISSED OFF BEAR #3 and I've been plotting for Peep #2. If I get it done it will be something special seeing as it's been 5 years since I debuted the 1st PEEP installment. The above character is one of 3 Battle Chickens and that's all I'm going to say about that...Gotta keep you curious! ANYWAY...the Battle Chicken idea was originally spawned when I was 17 and made a fake commercial for a new toy line called BATTLE CHICKENS. In the ad, I took two ceramic chickens my mom had and I strapped GI JOE weapons to them and had them attacking random action figures. I even made a 2nd commercial when I was 21, using spring-loaded Joe weapons and featuring the EVIL FARMHAND and CARL THE COW. I fell in love with the concept, but even more importantly...the name. So fast forward a number of years and I draw a sketch of a HE-MAN looking chicken for a warm-up exercise for class and decided to use the term Battle Chicken when I described him to the students. This got the gears turning. I had to use this character and the cool name too and soon I had an epiphany! Why not feature them in PEEP, my comic of the exploits of an evil, murderous baby chick. So look for them to appear in PEEP #2 hopefully before the end of 2020.

The lower sketch was a commission piece from the Indy-con held by THE SOURCE comics and games, at the end of December. It's of BARON KARZA from the MICRONAUGHTS toyline from the 1980's. I didn't have enough time to finish it at the show, so I took it home with a plan. I wanted to draw a bunch of burning skeletons behind him which was an idea from an old Mike Mignola DAREDEVIL ANNUAL cover from the early 90's. So I drew my burning skeletons and it's my favorite part of the whole piece.

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ANMPH said...

Well your BARON KARZA is a LOT better then mine turned out. lol. Nice piece.