Friday, October 30, 2009

Heaping Piles of Blog

At the prompting of one of our students at the Art Academy, I decided to resurrect the Art-Blog I started a couple years ago. Maybe this will prompt me to sketch more. So I might as well start this Art Blog out with some random drawings I've done over the last few years. These are in no particular order...Just a grab bag of awesome! Enjoy!

This was for my Bruzzin (Brother/Cousin-long story) Robb who is currently serving in Afghanastan. It's for his unit who are code-named THE OCHO.
Drew this Super-Girl in the art class I co-teach as a warm-up exercise. I liked it so much I redrew it and inked it.

Another Class warm-up that I liked so much I redrew and inked later. Sometimes, I come up with cool stuff in those warm-up exercises.
Lord Beef...a character Pat Gleason and I made up back in high school.

Firefly from GI JOE. Drawn for the art auction at the 2003 Fallcon.

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Robb said...

"The Ocho" became famous...striking fear in the hearts of the much so there were T-Shirts made...